10 steps to get fair skin naturally

10 steps to get fair skin naturally

By Shanya Maryam

We are all born with flawless, impeccably beautiful skin but as we grow up our skin start to lose its natural color due to climatic conditions, pollution, improper diet leading to the dark acne prone skin. Apart from getting fairer, our main aim should be making our skin flawless which automatically attracts people attention. You might be getting questions like how can we get skin color we were born with? Follow this 10 steps as your daily beauty regimen to get fairer, smoother, clearer, blemish-free skin.


  1. Avoid pollution- When you go out wear a face mask to avoid toxic chemicals which are released by motorcycles, four-wheelers and other vehicles that are the main cause of many skin problems sometimes it leads to skin cancer.
  2. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising- Include cleansing, toning, moisturising in your daily habits.
    • Choose cleanser based on your skin types like if you have dry skin choose water-based formula while oily to combination skin type people should consider water-based formula.
    • Toner is essential because it provides elasticity and firmness to the skin.
    • Some people believe that moisturising is not ideal in case of acne prone skin but it is not true because people with acne also require moisturising because not using moisturizer may cause early aging and formation of fine lines on the skin. Consider using Non-comedogenic moisturiser for people facing acne problem.
    • This steps not only makes you skin soft and supple but also lighter skin tone.
  3. Intake of Vitamins- Increase intake of Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich food. Food rich in Vitamin A includes milk, salmon, oysters carrots, tomatoes by consuming it regularly you can notice tightening, healthy skin and they will be no damage due to the sun. Vitamin C rich fruits are citrus fruits like orange, lemon, strawberries which lighten your skin to two to three shades.
  4. Use sunscreen- Whenever going out in the sun don't forget to use sunscreen up to SPF 30 which does not cause any harm due to harmful radiations of the sun.
  5. Hydrate your skin- Stay hydrated by consuming 8 glasses of water daily and also include fruit juices and coconut water.
  6. Exfoliate- Exfoliate skin thrice weekly which removes dead skin cells and brings newer and fairer cells on the epidermis of the skin. Do exfoliation based on your skin type. Don't exfoliate if you have acne.
  7. Try home remedies- Nature has all the solution to skin problems so why to waste money on harmful chemicals and peelers. Use home remedies like lemon and honey mask if have oily skin to combination skin. If you have dry skin use yoghurt and honey. If you have sensitive and acne prone skin use aloe vera gel.
  8. Exercise- Do exercise regularly because it not only helps in staying fit but also sweating increases your metabolism resulting in clear, fresh, sun-kissed skin.
  9. Avoid use of harmful chemicals- Most of the skin lightening products consists of mercury which damage skin natural layer causing many skin disease. So, go for natural remedies rather than harmful chemicals which give temporary results.
  10. Avoid spicy food- Don't have food which is oily and spicy because this oily and spicy food causes further darkening of skin and causes stomach problems which are the main cause of acne. Consider having healthy food like green leafy veggies, fruits, salads and boiled food.

Surely above mentioned steps will lighten your skin tone which gets complimented by everyone.