5 Best Conditioners For Dry Hair (497)

5 Best Conditioners For Dry Hair (497)

By Chetna Kaushik

Dry hair is a problem that most girls face at some or the other point of time in their life. Excess use of shampoo, harsh condition and pollution tend to stress out the tresses. While the usual oiling does help, it is not very likely a solution to the permanent hair problem of dryness. For such instances conditioner become as a boon. They help restore the natural oils of the hair and lock the moisture in to prevent dryness, damage and flyaways. While stores are flooded with conditioners very few live up to the hype. Here are the 5 best conditioners currently available that hep best tackle dry air issues.

1. TONI & GUY Nourish Conditioner for Dry Hair :

Toni & Guy has been a pioneer in getting the right ingredients and solutions for hair problems and this one is also demands a try. This conditioner helps to nourishe and revitalizes dry, dull hair for manageably soft and smooth hair. It penetrates into hair fibre and locks the moisture in from root to tip. While the price is slightly steep, it does work its’ worth. It is available for 700 rs for 250ml

2. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner For Dry Hair :

Bodyshop is known for its atural ingredients that work with a vigour to treat problems related to skin and hair. This conditioner hydrates dry hair very well. It is enriched with pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil, community fair trade honey, babassu oil and coconut oil. It makes hair soft, smooth and shiny from the first use. Additionally , it is silicon, sulfate, paraben and other harmful chemical free. It is available for 695 rs for 250ml

3. Tresemme Keratin smooth conditioner for dry and frizzy hair :

If you are looking for a quick and chemical-free solution to dry hair then this product is the answer. It makes hair sleek and reduces frizz making it easy to manage and style. It nourishes every strand to make it smooth , shiny and manageable. One of the best budget option available in India, it is priced at 80 rs for 100ml

4. Matrix Biolage Deep smoothing Conditioner For Dry and frizzy hair :

Matrix gives the best expert solutions for dry hair. This conditioner helps soften and detangle dry hair while conditioning the tresses for polished shine, smoothness, lasting control and manageability. It smoothes the frizz while nourishing hair and makes it smooth and silky. It is available for the price of 160 rs for 98gms.

5. Himalaya Protein Conditioner- Repair and Regeneration

Himalaya products are made to suit Indian skin and hair as they are made of carefully chosen natural ingredients. This conditioner moisturizes the hair and makes them vibrant and bouncy. It has extracts of aloe vera, yarrow chick pea and sprout which helps in strengthening the hair, cooling down the scalp and moisturizing the hair with unique herbal essentials. It nourishes dry and frizzy hair leaving it smooth and silky. It is available for the price of 130rs for 200ml.