5 Best Places in Delhi to Enjoy Chicken Tikka

5 Best Places in Delhi to Enjoy Chicken Tikka

By Ruchika Pahwa

When we talk about non-vegetarian delights from the Punjabi cuisine, foodies may be reminded of kebabs and chicken dishes from Punjab. However, it does not mean that if you are visiting Delhi or stay in the capital, then you cannot lay your hands on quality dishes like chicken tikka. As chicken tikka is among the most famous non-vegetarian dishes, let us tell you where in Delhi you may get the best of it to relish.

  1. Khan Chacha, Khan Market


    If you ask about a legendary place for chicken tikka, then Khan Chacha would be the name appearing on top. Although they serve a variety of rolls and kebabs, foodies die to have their chicken tikka and chicken tikka rolls. No doubt, the place remains so packed up all the time. To avoid a rush, try visiting before late evening. If you go to Khan Chacha, then do not forget to try their special awesome chutney served along with the dish.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 650 for two

  2. Gulati Restaurant, Pandara Road


    It is a popular restaurant for several delicacies. However, it is a hit when it comes to chicken malai tikka. The dish just melts in your mouth. While you might have to wait to enter the restaurant, you receive nice service and welcoming ambience inside. The food preparation is awesome. Additionally, it can be cost-effective to go for their buffet when you go empty-stomach and want to try other dishes along with chicken tikka.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 1,400 for two

  3. Nizam's Kathi Kabab, Connaught Place


    Those who love kathi rolls will find this place extraordinary with its authentic food and decent ambience. Their kali mirch chicken tikka rolls and chicken tikka egg rolls are mouthwatering. The most interesting thing about Nizam's is that they use crisp paranthas to prepare their rolls. While a few people feel that their chicken tikka rolls are heavy, proper foodies do not hold this idea.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 900 for two

  4. Karim's, Jama Masjid


    It is a hot culinary destination for foodies. Based in Old Delhi, the place is very famous for its chicken tikka masala, as well as other non-vegetarian dishes. In fact, it does not have much competition in the entire Delhi-NCR. This age-old joint prepares and serves its food with love. The masala they use is delightful and mesmerizing.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 800 for two

  5. Art of Spices, Karol Bagh


    If you want to dine cost-effectively, then this is the place for you. Enjoy their malai chicken tikka, and you may want to have the same delectable experience repeatedly. However, you might have to wait up to an hour to have that experience, as the place stay crowded for good reasons.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 300 for two