5 Best Primers For Oily Skin

5 Best Primers For Oily Skin

By Chetna

Primers are an integral part of makeup. When starting with your make up, the first thing after the cleansing and toning ritual is putting a primer before you can start putting the foundation. They are the best way to make oily skin glow and provide maximum coverage to those hideous scars and bumps too. The primer helps in giving a smooth base. It reduces the pores and lines on the face. It also corrects the discoloration on the skin due to overexposure or sun damage. It helps in making the skin matte so that the makeup does not melt away or fades too easily and is held in place for the longest time. Let's take a look at some of the best Primers that are available for oily skin

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer :

This is the first in choice as it is a great product which is used very little and provides a lot of coverage. It helps to keep skin matte even during humid weather. It is available at the price of 750rs for 30ml.

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer : This primer is very light weight and makes skin matte. It also helps with hiding the pores and lines on the face. Since it is tinted, it can be work under a compact with no additional foundation. It has very amazing sweat-proof properties which make it a very useful product. It is available at 1200rs for 27ml.


Deborah Face Perfect Primer : This primer is especially known for its shine control properties. This is ideal for oily skin beauties who do not want to retouch their makeup too often as it lasts for a long time. For a better use, the usage should be concentrated on the T-zone for more effective results. It is available at 715rs for 30ml.


Mac Pep+Prime Skin Base Visage Makeup Face Primer : This product is velvety smooth and glides on like a dream due to its gel texture. The primer is mattifying and word wonders to moisturise dry skin and make the skin matte and control excess oil. It is best use under any sheer coverage foundation. The product is available at 5,500rs for 30ml. It may be a little steep but the product performance is completely worth the price.


Clinique Super Primer Face Primer- Color Corrects Redness and Color Corrects Discolorations : Cliique is a brand that never disappoints for the fact that it will counter every problem of the skin. The Primer has a whole range to address the redness as well as Color Correct Discoloration. The Color Correct for Redness is a oil-free product that is amazing even when worn alone. The Color Correct Discoloration is helpful in covering the dark spots or other scars on the face. They are all priced at 1710rs for 10ml