5 Healthcare Apps Available for Patients in India

5 Healthcare Apps Available for Patients in India

By Arpita Mukherjee

Whether development of healthcare apps can revolutionize the Indian healthcare system is debatable. Nevertheless, despite limited coverage, they are proving to be useful for a large number of people. From connecting patients to doctors to supplying medicines at the doorsteps, the healthcare apps have been a boon to a large number of Indians. The apps are especially beneficial for the elderly people as they save them the trouble of visiting hospitals by arranging house visits of doctors and healthcare providers.


However, because of the huge deficit of medical practitioners in the country, the services are usually limited to the urban centers. The cost of the services in some cases seems to be marginally higher than that normally charged by the medical professionals in the hospitals. Access to internet and smartphone is also needed to avail the services provided through apps. Nevertheless, people who are willing to spend for quality medical care may find some of these apps helpful.


Here is a list of the top healthcare apps available for patients in India:


Lybrate boasts of a huge database of over 90,000 doctors covering almost every discipline spread across 30 cities. Here you can easily access some of the finest doctors in your city and locality and fix an appointment with minimal hassle. Moreover, there is provision for online consultation. The online medical help is available 24*7. In addition, for the interested users, healthcare tips are available from some of the country’s top physicians.



Practo is another app that helps in connecting patients with doctors in their vicinity. Services are currently available in over 35 cities. Apart from booking appointments with doctors, users can consult doctors online, order medicines and manage their health care records. Practo also helps in connecting users to diagnostic labs, spas, salons and gyms.



This is the ideal healthcare app for individuals seeking in-home healthcare. The app offers hospital-like care at the homes of the patients by arranging home visits of doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. Through the app, you can rent or purchase medical equipments that are delivered at your doorstep. Portea has partnered with a number of leading hospitals and doctors to cater to the health care needs of patients in the comforts of their homes.


By downloading the 1mg app on your smartphone you can save yourself the hassle of running from one chemist store to another in search of medicines. Once you upload a copy of your prescription, 1mg gives you the option of buying generic drugs that are cheaper than the branded medicines. Therefore, you can save on your medication bill. Moreover, it also offers a database of doctors available in your locality with option for booking appointments online. However, 1mg has limited coverage, catering only the metro cities and a few tier II cities.



If you are residing in a second or third tier city or even in a village, the NetMeds app is a better option for you to buy medicines online and have them delivered at your doorstep. NetMeds too offers generic alternatives. However, this app works solely as an online pharmacy. Unlike the aforementioned apps there is no option for connecting to medical professionals.