5 Reasons to visit Dubai

5 Reasons to visit Dubai

By Kismat Herr

#1 Scenic beauty

When you are sitting in an airplane hovering around Dubai to get clearance to land. The airhostess tells you that you will be landing in a few. The vibes of excitement radiate off you as you look out of the little window and see just sand dunes everywhere. Desert that doesn’t let anything grow and life is difficult. Right out of the blue the plane turns a little and Burj Khalifa comes into view in all its majestic beauty. It is both aesthetic pleasure and the awe of human achievement that overwhelms you. This is Dubai. Risen out of what is considered to be lifeless into the city of commerce and ultimate luxury.

#2 The Firsts

I have come to believe that this young city loves to be the ‘First’ of everything. The tallest building in the world, the world’s tallest hotel i.e. Burj al-Arab, highest waterslide, biggest burger, most expensive hotel suite etc. Things that you might not get to see anywhere else on the planet, at least not all in one city.

#3 Things To Do

This is the perfect place for an indecisive mind and a couple that is poles apart. If you love doing things that give you an adrenaline rush and are the outdoor kinds, then hop on because Dubai has a lot to offer. They have skydiving, skiing right inside a mall and it is extremely cold there because of the snow you see, Aquariums that feel and seem like the real deal, desert safaris etc. and for the child in you who just needs a little pampering well, well, Dubai has got your back. They have the one of the best spas around town and the most expensive one in the world too which is a 24 karat gold spa, they have invented hundreds of new ways to pamper yourself, the best place to shop probably in the world aka The Dubai Mall, Gazillions of restaurants to try and even more cuisines that are offered.

#4 The Artistic Beauty

If you go to museums and learn about the history, you will be very impressed by the stories. The local music is so melodious and different that you will fall in love with it so easily, the mosques are the best part though. They have so much of intricate detailing etched on every surface that covers the land that makes you want to meet the ancient people who put in all the hard work.

#5 The Perfect Balance

The perfect line for Dubai would be ‘East meets West and produces a miracle’. You get to see land that was made by man. A few years back, it was just water but now might be a home to one the of the most wealthy people in the world. It grew so quickly and so beautifully which shows that if resources are put in the right place, really anything is possible. If looking for a holiday abroad then give the middle east a try.