Availability of PG in Chandigarh

Availability of PG in Chandigarh

By Inderjeet Kaur

As we know PG (Paying Guest) options is becoming very common among young people. Especially in cities, young professionals of 18-26 years prefer to go for a PG instead of renting. Mostly PG is preferred by the youngsters who move fromtheir native place either for higher studies or for jobs. The concept of PGaccommodation is greatly appreciated.


When a person moves to a new city it' sometimes a challenge to find right PG toaccommodate. In Chandigarh and nearby places the PG accommodation iseasily available. Here are some tips that can make search more convenient:

  • First of all two things have to keep in mind one is your budget and secondare areas you are preferring to live. If you have decided it before then it would be easier to search PG. If you have not decided well before thenothers opinion will pull you in a different direction and you will be confused.
  • After deciding your budget and area, start your research from some of thepopular online real estate website.
  • One can do PG search or can post requirements for PG on these realestate sites. You will start getting calls from owners for PG accommodationwhich matches your requirements.
  • There is one more option that is to go through an agent/broker as he canprovide you with multiple options according to your choice but they willcharge their fee as well.
  • You will get an idea of the rates for PG accommodation from websites ofan area you are seeking to live. PG normally ranges from 3000 to 10000per month depending on the locality and offered services.
  • Also, check the place whether public transportation is easily available ornot, check out for the tiffin system or provision for meals provided by PGowner.
  • Visit multiple sites if your agent is promising to show the sites. Don't wasteyour time in looking just one site in a day.
  • Try to get in contact & communicate with the roommates of sharingaccommodation so that you can get more insight of the PG. Sometimesthere are restrictions for getting friends, family over or have restrictions forterms of movements at night. So it' better to have prior information ofeverything.

Some best localities to accommodate in Chandigarh for PG is:

    1. Sector 7, sectors of 7, 15, 19 and 202.
    2. New paying guest accommodations in sectors 10, 32, 33, 35, 36, 42, and 45 with studious, clean, homely environment.
    3. Jasmine Mittal's PG facility in Sector 27 but only for girls
    4. Sherry Gill's PG for girls in sector 36 which is near to DAV College at Rs4,000 per person per month.
    5. B C Chauhan running PG from 9 years in sectors 42, 43 and IndustrialArea Phase 1.
    6. Mother's Home in sectors 10 and 33 at Rs 10,000 per month thesehostelscumPGsare for boys and girls offer 3 times meal with furnishedbedrooms & attached bathrooms, hostel are covered with CCTV camerasall over.
    7. Kuldip Singh's hostels cum PG in Sector 45 is well equipped with firealarms, security cover and with a guard on duty and charges Rs 5,500 per person in a month.

For finding a more options in particular sector, many sites providing thesuperb information about PG for needy persons like olx and quikr.