Bangkok- A fun city

Bangkok- A fun city

By Akash Ranjan

Planning a trip or a vacation? Bangkok is one of the most preferred place to enjoy your vacation. Being the most crowded city of Thailand, it offers an amazing environment for the travellers. Well you would never feel bored in Bangkok even if you are alone. One could happily spend a week or a month in this fluttering city. The city endeavours a bunch of museums, malls, thai temples and alluring architecture. Let us talk about some of the temptations of Bangkok.

1. National Museum

If you want to address the art and history of Thailand then do visit the Bangkok National Museum. Said to be one of the largest museums of Asia, this museum is a major attraction to the tourists. This museum has everything related to the culture and life. From art exhibition to history, you would come across every single thing related to the life of the locals.

2. Central Park

Lumpini park is identified as the central park of Bangkok. Being largest park of the city, it is one of those spots that offers peace and amazing atmoslhere away from those messy life. The park was built in 1920 but earlier it was in the outermost area of the city. And now after Bangkok has developed a long way, it is situated in the main business zone of the city.

3. Temple

Wat Arun known as the Temple of Dawn is the most preeminent temple of Bangkok. Its full name sounds like Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan which is bit difficult to pronounce. The golden tower on the top of the temple is a delight to eye specially when the sun is about to dawn.

4. Weekened Market

Who doesn't like shopping? And when it comes to shopping the Chatutak Market is loved by all. Having endless shops, this market has an average crowd of 200000 per day. As the name says it all, Cahutak market only open on week days such as saturday and sunday. There is no such product in world which you can't find in this market. So after much of crowd, you would have to visit this market early and enjoy the essence of shopping and much more.