Best Five Hill Stations Of South India

Best Five Hill Stations Of South India

By Saoli

Hill stations in India are a welcome break for people to beat the sweltering summers and escape into the cool. The call of the mountains from far and wide is something unavoidable for a true mountain lover. From north to south, the country has some lovely escapades. The stunning landscapes and the picturesque hills covered by lush green vegetation and backed by thick deep woods create a kind of lust in every traveller to discover those unknown and unexplored terrains. The breathtaking hill stations of south India offers one of the best retreats for avid adventurers. Feel the Goosebumps as you wander through the spiralling roads on the top of the mountains while indulging yourself into a complete blissful and thrilling experience.

Top 5 Hills Stations of South India



The strong aroma of coffee from the distance is simply filling. Enjoy one of the best flavours of coffee during your holiday here. Known as the 'Scotland of South' by the British, Coorg is a true paradise for honeymooners. The brilliance of the mystic hills submerged in green carpet gets heightened when the lovely mountain flowers come to full bloom. The sight of greenery to the farthest of horizon and the presence of acres of orange groves are awe-inspiring.



Nestled in "God's Own Country" Kerala, Munnar takes a lot of pride in its exotic beauty and unfermented landscape. This place is a total break from the monotonous city life. Acres of tea gardens, salubrious climate, cascading waterfalls, placid lakes, and the overall exoticness of the place make Munnar a holidaymaker's absolute delight. This hill station is famous for an exotic flora known as 'Neelakurinji' that bathes the hill in blue after every twelve years. The highest peak of south India Anamudi is located in Munnar. It is an ideal trekking destination.



Nestled in the laps of the breathtaking Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is known for its idyllic landscape. The gorgeous waterfalls and the silvery streams touched by immense tranquillity is what attract travellers here from far and wide. The laid back life and the rich cultural presence is an absolute blessing for Ooty. An outdoor sports enthusiast has plenty of opportunities here for hand gliding, angling, trekking, and so on.

Araku Valley:


A real charmer, Araku Valley is tucked away in a brilliant location in Andhra Pradesh. The uneven meadows, the rolling hills, the astonishing orchards, and the pleasant climate round the year make Araku an excellent destination for vacation. Watch out for the pastoral countryside while you delight upon journeying towards the famous limestone Borra caves. Make sure to carry some silver jewellery on your way back as a fond memory of the place.

Nandi Hills:


Referred to as 'Hill of Happiness', Nandi Hills enjoys a magnificent location in Karnataka. A lot of history, myths and legends are attached to this hill station of the south. Immersed in profound silence, Nandi Hills offers that quiet holiday which is much needed in today's industrious life. There are some old forts and viewpoints that will take you on a fanciful ride of the past.