Best Hair Hue To Choose For Brilliant Look

Best Hair Hue To Choose For Brilliant Look

By Deepa Dasmajumder

Every fashionista follows the trends of visiting salons twice a month to stay beautiful at their best. However, whenever it comes to heavy salon billing involving hair color performances, most of us prefer staying back and trying a DIY act at home.  Still, the apprehension does not cease to this solution as you think the best-home-hair color product may result in disaster while trying the job all alone, leading to higher bills than opting for the hair color service at salons.

However, whatever hair color you choose, be it -a dark brown hue or a chestnut shade, or just a streak of a light shade of crème; some hair color products are there that can be used at home for brilliant and true color, long lasting and 100 percent gray coverage effects. Some of the best hair colors for your hair that suit Indian context, as well as your appearance, are detailed here in this review section. 

L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference

This product from L'Oréal is simply great in preventing fading while offering a greater level of gray coverage. Besides, this amazing invention makes the hair lustrous and also gives shine-extending conditioning to them. The best thing about the product is that it fortifies the scalp as well as hair roots.

Product Type:  

  • This is an absolutely ammonia-free product, containing hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide and glycerin.
  • It contains three items including color gel, applicator, and advanced conditioning substance.
  • The crème-gel like substance does not smell strong and has a thick consistency, preventing drips during applications.
  • Simply the best product for offering the hair hues you want, yet providing manageable and soft hair.

Revlon Luxurious Color Silk

Another best ammonia-free product from the best cosmetic products maker “Revlon” is Revlon Luxurious Color Silk.

Product Type:

  • This product is a better at-home hair color. And it is best used for creating excellent and uniform hair color effects. 
  • It offers thirteen shades from the same brand.
  • It has powerful ingredients such as three types of natural butter extracted from the mango, shea and coconut to provide moisturizing benefits while wheat amino acids, panthenol condition the hair.
  • It is one of the best products in offering gray coverage. It is a thick consistent product that resists dripping. However, if you desire multidimensional color effects rather than just a gray coverage, you need to look elsewhere.   

Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash- Out Color

Well, compared to the above products, this product does not offer long-lasting hair coloring results. Still, its excellent clay-based formula helps you achieve what you want for your gray hair.

Product Type:

  • Five different shades such as red, pink, blue, purple and bronze can be achieved from five different variants of the product and its effects last till three shampoos.
  • Formulated with invigorating ingredients including magnesium or argilla aluminum silicate, it has a liquid consistency that flows smoothly once poured.
  • Among many shades, bronze hue works wonders as it produces caramel highlights on dark-brown locks.
  • Since its effects do not last more than three washes, it can be a no-no product for you.

All the products mentioned above are easily available on the leading e-commerce portals and also in supermarkets in India.