Better Germ Protection Benefits From Dettol Gold

Better Germ Protection Benefits From Dettol Gold

By Deepa

Reckitt Benckiser has been committed itself towards making hand washing a healthy practice by restoring hygiene and sanitation through its trusted and high-quality liquid hand wash Dettol since  many years. Through constant product innovations and new technologies, it has been bringing forth value added products for encouraging sanitation and hygiene in households around the globe. Dettol from Reckitt Benckiser has many hygiene products such as anti-bacterial soaps, liquid hand wash, and many other hygienic products under its brand name and has been the first choice for consumers since long. Carrying with on its old age legacy of healthy and hygienic products, Dettol has now come out with a new hand wash edition, Dettol Gold.

Dettol Gold introduces liquid hand wash as well as bar soaps together. This liquid hand wash has two variants – Classic Clean and Daily Clean.

Product Description

Both Dettol daily clean and classic clean have been formulated to offer gold standard of germ protection like its traditional product ranges. Providing 100% better germ protection has been Dettol’s key priority to keep diseases at bay. And this product is developed with the same objectivity, but with a new and advanced formula that eyes to deal with the new breed of germs that is evolving with times and has become resistant to certain germs-preventative products. Their resistance capacity gives birth to new age illnesses. And this is quite tough to defy for the kids who encounter germ causing bacteria every day in their lives. Well, new Dettol Gold is formulated with high-quality ingredients to combat new age illnesses and stay healthy.


 Besides, offering a high standard of germ protection, this product is enhanced with mesmerizing lemon grass oil scent to offer sensorial experiences and makes your hands feel neat and crisp.

Dettol Gold Liquid Classic Clean hand wash is bottled in a clear and transparent bottle with a flexible nozzle to discharge the gold-colored creamy product smoothly on hands. It offers better results if used with lukewarm water during hand washing.

The other variant has the same features and offers 100% germ protection.


New formulated Dettol Gold has the best ingredients that top brands lack. The ingredients include Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Coumarin, Citral, Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Nitrate.

If observed further, this product promises to contain more ingredients compared to other hand wash products from the leading brands.


The cost of a product is always a concern for buyers to make an investment so as to get the maximum value for the money. RB India has kept the price of the product quite reasonable so that maximum households, even in rural areas can afford this hygienic product and follow the healthy sanitation and hygienic habits to stay disease free. The 250 ml pump liquid hand wash pack costs INR 86 while refill pack is available at INR 46. If you wish to experience this product at a much-reduced price, do not miss its introductory launch promo offer that is available with Dettol Gold range products.