Bring Positive Energy to your Home with Vastu

Bring Positive Energy to your Home with Vastu

By Anubhuti Dutta

Vastu happens to be a Vedic study of architecture. You must have seen or heard that all the buildings or apartments are built according to Vastu. Well it is applied not only on homes but also in offices, factories, industries and so on to bring peace and prosperity. Well if you are looking forward to build a home or even looking forward to purchase a flat then you should definitely try to make sure of finding the right information on Vastu for a better living.


  • Vastu for bedroom: When it comes to the construction of bedroom it should be made sure to get it done in the South-East direction. It is advisable not to place the mirror opposite to your bed and you should also make sure not to keep any aquarium or divine idols in your bedroom. In order to avoid nightmares and disturbance you should avoid sleeping in the North direction.

  • Vastu for pooja room: For poojax room, it should be in the North-East or East of the house. According to Vastu, you should never keep any photographs or pictures of ancestors in the pooja room. It should never be in the basement. It is also important to ensure that you do not use the pooja room for any other purpose except for worship as this would bring good fortune.

  • Vastu for kitchen: Kitchen should be in the South-East or North-West corner of the house. When it comes to the cooking platform or stove you need to make sure of placing it in the East direction. Kitchen sinks or taps should be fixed in the North-East direction. It should also adjoin with water and gas.

  • Vastu for bathroom: It is important to have bathrooms on the North-West of West sides of the house. You should avoid it on the North-East or Eastern sides. Also the taps as well as shower fittings should be on the North. Steps should be taken to avoid constructing toilet at the centre or North-East direction.

  • Vastu for locker room: Proper attention should be given to place locker room in the South-West corner. This would help a lot in bringing prosperity to valuables in the perfect way. When it comes to the height of the locker room you have to ensure that it is not less than those of the other rooms. You should also never try to place the locker room in the corner of the room. In order to reflect the locker, a mirror should be hanged as it helps in doubling the opportunity to gain good wealth according to Vastu.
  • So the next time you wish to get a property for yourself, make sure to check these points for a good and tensed-free life ahead with your family!