Can entrepreneurship be taught in B schools?

Can entrepreneurship be taught in B schools?

By Sarvesh Joshi

“Entrepreneurship” is one specific term which has gained more popularity in India than anything else in past decade.Gone are the days when being an entrepreneur was considered a dream of the rich people.Specially after the launch of some initiatives from the government of India like startup India,the entrepreneurial spirit has seen a sudden rise amongst many people in India.One question that pops up in everyone’s mind is that is it is necessary to pursue MBA in order to be an entrepreneur?I will focus on both of  the answers to  this “billion-dollar question” i.e Yes and No.

 Firstly,I will answer this question in the form - Yes,entrepreneurship can be taught in B-schools.Many students drop out during their graduation in order to pursue their passion as an entrepreneur.Yet,only 1% of them achieve their goal of becoming an entrepreneur.Many of these 99% students go into a state of depression after their failure.This can be evaded if they acquire some necessary entrepreneur skills by investing their money and time in good B-school.We have many examples of people who became professionally trained entrepreneurs  by studying in a  B-school.Uday Kotak,Kunal Bahal,Rahul Sharma,Pranay chullet,Venkat Vishwanathan,Phaneesh Murthy .When an interviewer asked  Mr Pranay Chullet(CEO OF Quikr),the reason behind his phenomenal success,he said that a Btech degree served as a base for him ,while the MBA degree served as an extension to it.Even though entrepreneurship is synonymous with risk-taking ,it is certainly not gambling.So it is better to acquire some business management skills by studying in a B-School before venturing into that field.

 Secondly,I will answer this answer this question in the form - No,entrepreneurship cannot be taught in B-schools.Harvard B-School is considered as world’s first B-school which was established in the 18th century.Before that period we had many entrepreneurs.So the premise that B-school education is necessary to be an entrepreneur fails in this context.Even today many successful entrepreneurs don’t even have a matriculation degree or are college dropouts.Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerburg,Steve Jobs,Dhirubhai Ambani,Rahul Yadav are some entrepreneurs who have been successful despite not having a MBA degree.Most of them came from humble backgrounds and had no background knowledge about the expansion of business.As the legendary Indian entreperenur Mr.Dhirubhai Ambani once famously said-“For me the B-school has been my  life which has taught me the value of hardwork and passion in a profession”.

At last,I will conclude by saying that it is not mandatory to be an MBA in order to be an entrepreneur but for a person who is clueless about his or her idea about entrepreneurship and wants to be an entrepreneur then that person should pursure MBA .Thereby that person would be able understand business more closely before venturing into that field ultimately.But the common thing between those aspects is 3 H’S-hardwork,honesty and humility.