Evergreen Popularity of mumbai street food

Evergreen Popularity of mumbai street food

By Saoli

Mumbai, the assorted land of mixed culture, has been boasting of its culinary richness since ages. The city offers a variety of lip smacking street food. A very strange fact is that Mumbai street foods is equally relished by everyone, be it a billionaire or a beggar.


If you are just starting your day with the first cutting chai, your long day would be satiated with the spiciest vada pav, savoury kathi rolls or the golas during the blistering summery months. With these street food options you can not only tantalize your taste buds, but fall in love with Mumbai all over again. Here we talk about Mumbai, the city of dreams, and the street food hubs that you should never miss in this life.

  • Mughlai specialities at Gulshan e Iran at maddeningly low prices – Dont miss the Firni, Chicken tikka masala, Rabdi Kulfi and Garlic naan.
  • White Biriyani at Noor Mohmaddi within the Bhendi Bazaar. Best time to visit here is during Ramadan. If you are lucky, you can even have your meal with one of the popular Bollywood faces. Chicken Hakimi is a popular dish here.
  • Mava samosa and Bun Maska at the Mervan's. Also check out their cookies, Irani Chai, tea snacks, and mouth watering pastries. You get the best baked goods in Mumbai at this place.
  • Chola and Samosa at Guru Kripa; the samosa comes with a gravy made of chickpea. The sour tamarind taste is worth remembering. Sprinkled onions and corianders enhance the taste. Also try their chole bature, gulab jamun, chole tikki, sweet lassi, and samosa chole.
  • Imbiss is just the right place if you love Cheese Sandwich, Beef Burger, Goan Sausage Pulao, Smoked Pork with fat and rind, Baby Back Spare Ribs, Bavarian Ham And Milanesa Nepolitana.
  • Don't forget to try out the Punjabi Prawns Masala, Tandoori Chicken, Punjabi Prawn Fry and many other Punjabi dishes at Jai Jawan.
  • Pratap Da Dhaba presents the unique Vodka panipuri. This innovative street food has actually set a new benchmark to Mumbai foodie arena.
  • Sizzler lovers should not miss the Kobe's, which has been delivering the same awesome and sizzling masterpieces.
  • Enter the Sahibaan and get the taste of the mind blowing Chinese Thali decked with fried rice, soup, Manchurian, starters, and ice tea. Other must tries are the dumpling and soups. Also, order for Chicken Hot Garlic Sizzler or Prawns Hot Garlic Sizzler if time permit.
  • Pav Bhaji at Sardar' will leave you craving for more. Two plates will be served within minutes having thick vegetable masala swindled by a slab of butter, and the fluffy rolls generously buttered. With few drops of lemon, this just tastes heavenly.
  • Kebabs at Sarvi are a junction for the best beef seekh kebabs in the city. With a tinge of mint and the melting mid portion of the kebabs make them sold out in all by evening hours.

However, Mumbai street food list is incomplete without pani puri, bhel puri, kulfi, paan and golas.