Five mysterious facts about Jagannath Temple

Five mysterious facts about Jagannath Temple

By Akash Ranjan

Well not everyone but many people know about Odisha state in India which is famous for beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and culture. But when it comes to religious places, Jagannath Temple in Puri has its own value. The name signifies the land of Lord Jagannath which is known for its incredible Rath Yatra and spiritual virtue. Built in 1078 and being one of the most oldest spiritual places in India, it has some mindblogging facts that you should know.

1. Sudarshana Chakra

The Sudarshana Chakra weights a ton and is 20 feet high located at the top of the Temple. Either you stand in front of the temple or anywhere else in Puri, you will find the Sudarshana Chakra always facing you.

2. Fluttering Flag

The flag of Jagannath has length 1feet to 25 feet and is generally of yellow or deep red in colour at head of the temple is observed to be always waving in opposite direction respective to the air flow of the breeze.

3. Ritual

Being the part of the ritual, a preacher crawls to the dome of the temple which is as high as a building with 40 floors everyday to change the flag. If it is not done, it is said then the temple must be closed for next 18 years.

4. Direction of Breeze

As Puri is referred to be a coastal area, the flow of breeze is different according to time. Usually the breeze flows from sea to land during daytime and land to sea during evening but when it comes to Puri, it is completely opposite.

5. Shadow

Whether it be an architecture related fact or Lord Jagannath's miracle, the shadow of the dome of Jagannath temple at this much height is not visible to anyone at any time of the day.