Food In Delhi

Food In Delhi

By Saoli

Famous for its Mughlai cuisine, Delhi is a divine abode for a true epicurean. The city offers some of the most mouth-watering delicacies at its swarming roadside eateries and restaurants. There is something for all tastes and likes. Not only do you get sumptuous Indian food in the old city corners and busy roadsides but you will also get a wide range of international cuisines. From the irresistible golgappas to the salivating chaats to the juicy kebabs, the city will never disappoint you when it comes to food. Delhi takes care of all budget types making it pocket-friendly for especially the economy travellers.


Mughlai at Its Best

The Karim restaurant of the Nizamuddin area has been attracting gastronomes for years for its world-class Mughal dishes that are prepared with the most selective of spices and ingredients. Also, you may consider visiting the streets alongside the famous Jama Masjid as there you will get one of the best Mughal fares, not to be found anywhere else. The aroma of the Biriyani that you get here will instantly bring water at your mouth.

Food for All

However, if spending good bucks does not matter to you, then places such as Darbar (Ashoka Hotel), Delhi Ka Aangan (Hyatt Regency), and Corbetts (Claridges) are there to take care of your hungry taste buds. You may also try paces like the Frontier (Ashoka Hotel), Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton), and Baluchi (The Hilton) as they are the perfect nests to dine in a complete regal way.

If your pocket is not that affectionate, then your visit to places like Degchi, Gulati Restaurant, and Angeethi will be worthwhile. Those having a knack for continental delicacies can choose from some of the top five-star hotels of the city like the Captains Cabins (Taj Man Singh) and The Orient Express (Taj Palace) serving one of the most delectable continental foods. You will come across a wide number of food stalls at around the Dilli Haat near All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). These stalls serve a host of roadside food at a much reasonable price.

Other Specialties

Apart, the Bengali Market Chaat Center or the Pranthe Wali Gali, the Annapoorna and Ghantewala Sweet Shops, and the Greater Kailash Bhelpuri are some other popular places of the city where you get really good food. The roadside dhabas also are equally popular among the foodies for Tandoori Roti and Tandoor Chicken. For South Indian cuisine, you may visit Sagar Ratna (Lodhi Hotel), Sagar (Defence Colony), and Dasaprakash (Hotel Ambassador) offering the tastiest and the most authentic of Idlis, Dosas, and Uttapam.

As you head towards the south Delhi area, you will see plenty of Chinese restaurants that serve food at a budget-friendly price. They have both takeaway and 'sit and dine' options making it a hassle-free affair for both categories of diners. Some of the best Chinese restaurants happen to be Sukothai (Hauz Khas village), Ei Arab (Regal Building), Osaka (Haus Khas village), Thai food at Baan Tahi (The Oberoi), Chor Bizarre (Hotel Broadway), Mexican food at Rodeo (Connaught Place), and the Tibetan food at eateries near Chanakya Theatre.