Lucknow and it’s Delectable Street Food

Lucknow and it’s Delectable Street Food

By Anamika Sharma

Who does not know about the city of Nawabs "Lucknow"? One may not only find the historical places there but also the diverse taste of food. There are many hotels in the city. The street food attracts many people from the city as well as outside the city. Everywhere we find street food but one may ask that what makes the street food of Lucknow famous. It is the way of cooking and the techniques of preparation of the street food that makes it stand out.


1. Kebab

This dish was made for Nawabs and that is why it is considered to be one of the special delicacy dish. One may find a lot of variety of the kebabs with rich delicious taste. It consists of lot of lot of spices and it is so soft that it melts on mouth. For enjoying the full diet, eat it with Roomali Roti.


2. Biryani

Briyani is prepared from rice and also includes spices, meat or vegetables. Vegetarians can enjoy the veg biryani such as Veg Handi dum biryani in the Royal Cafe present in Gomti Nagar.


3. Chole Bathure

Who is not mad about chole bathure? It is among the one of the very popular food items. This street food is a very popular Punjabi recipe. It is loved by most of the Indians. Chole Bathure is a very heavy dish which contains a lot of oil. We may find it anywhere but one of the very famous and oldest shop in Lucknow is Shri Lassi Corner in Chowk. This shop is very famous for Chole Bathure as well as Lassi. Chole has thick gravy with toppling of paneer cubes. You can never doubt the preparation of the food as the hot bhature are prepared in front of you.


4. Lucknowi Chaat and Basket Chaat

One of the favourite Indian snack is Lucknowi Chaat. It has yummy taste and it also spice up the mood of the person. Basket Chaat is a crispy tokri full of Lucknowi Chaat with chutney, card and spices. It has toppling of namkeen, dry fruits and also pomegranate. You must enjoy this lip smacking street food in Lucknow.