Must Visit Restaurants in Shimla

Must Visit Restaurants in Shimla

By Anamika Sharma

Most of us see Shimla as a bustling, snow capped capital of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover to the scenic beauty and views of the mountains, this place also serves as a melting point of mouth watering cuisines. Anybody who is looking for Indo-Asian-Arab fusion, then must visit Shimla. One may find fish with an Asian flair to the blend of Himachal dishes with colourful spices.

1. Baljees & Fascination

It is just not a restaurant but it is a foodvilla and a snack shop rolled into one. Being one of the oldest restaurants in Shimla, it attracts locals and that is why they keep coming back here again and again. It provides a diverse variety of Italian-Indian food which is inspired by its European roots. It has gained a cult through steamy and syrupy gulab jamuns which is a favourite breakfast of Himachal Pradesh. It is common for locals to grab a mutton or creamy chocolate eclairs as this is situated near a Mall. One can also enjoy the walk through the clothing stores, bookstores and restaurants.

2. The Devicos

You are not going to find nighttime ambiance anywhere in Shimla but at The Devicos. Even though it looks new and shiny, it is the most historic eaters of the city. It modest exterior and Rajasthani designed interior decor enhance its beauty. It is a family restaurant and completely gets transform after the sunsets. After sunsets, it offers sleek bars with a wide variety of whiskey and vodka. What adds more to the beauty of the restaurant is college crowd of Shimla and the neon lights of the Western night club.

3. Qilaa

 If you want a cozy twist on the themed restaurant, then according to locals Qilaa is a right place to go to. It provides the soul-warming multicultural comfort food along with a subtle Arab-style ambiance. This places is a perfect one to relax with either a good book or a good company. Dining area is separated through dark orange curtains which makes the looks more elegant.  Qilaa has the menu which includes every cuisine on the Asian continent. It is very famous and popular for its falafel and chai tea. You can enjoy leisure and luxury all at once at this place.