New Gurgaon microbrewery you need to know

New Gurgaon microbrewery you need to know

By Akash Ranjan

Some people of Delhi will surely ditch the bottle for some of the freshly prepared brewed craft beer. This place has finally got permission from the government to open microbreweries. It was long back when the first one was opened but many new ones have are also seen across Gurgaon. With each one offering something new and rich flavor.

1. Uptown Fresh Beer Café

People having their favorite at Downtown in Sector 29, now they have another option available for them in Galleria Market. This cafe offers the same beer as Downtown as it has the same brand. The variety includes Wheat, Premium and dark. Along with the brew, you can also have the delicious food such as burgers, munchies, hotdogs and pizzas. You are surely going to get reminded of the 90s after listing to the upbeat music.

2. Molecule Air Bar

As the name suggests, science mixed with fluid. Yes, they have used science with food in bringing up some really interesting and unique dishes. But coming to the beer, Molecule Brew which is their signature is a winner all the way. Molecule brew is a tall golden brew which is packed with a punch. If it does not go according to your taste then there are other options available from which you can choose.  You can try Weiss, Roasted Malt beer and Premium. Along with the beer, you can also have Air Bread or Puchka Shots.

3. Quaff

 It is the Cyber Hub newest microbrewery which serves four varieties which includes Indian Pale Ale, Dark Beer, Special Lager and Wheat. To brew the flavors, they use Wayermann malts from Germany. The wheat beer has a hint of cloves as well as banana. If you visit this place, then don’t forget to have finger food especially the tasty and lip=smacking wasabi prawns.

4. Lagom Kitchen + Brewery

This place serves some of the best beer in this whole city. You have variety of option where you can choose from such as Fantastic Lager, Dark Knight and Belgium Wheat. Each brewery is very flavorful as it sounds. This place also gives you a daunting task to choose from the huge menu which includes more than 150 dishes.