Padman Muruganantham Whose Life is Now a Bollywood Film | Padman Movie Review

Padman Muruganantham Whose Life is Now a Bollywood Film | Padman Movie Review

By Anamika

A good-natured, big-hearted film inspired by the true Indian story is catching the attention of almost every viewer. Yes, we are talking about the Akshay Kumar upcoming movie- Padman. The story of the movie revolves around an engrossing and important subject of challenging patriarchal taboos with a candor. It is another way of Twinkle Khanna who is the producer of this movie to come out for serving the women of the country by escaping the idea of using biodegradable pads instead of cloths. 

Padman Review

The people who are crazy enough to think that they can bring a change in the world, only these people have the capabilities to do so. R. Balki tells the real-life inspiring story of Arunachalam Muruganantham through the story of the movie Padman. Not many of us are aware of who Arunachalam Muruganantham is but Padman is playing a huge role in familiarising this social entrepreneur who belongs to Coimbatore. He invested in low-cost sanitary napkins in India, even though when he was subjected to the massive opposition and humiliation.


The settings of the movie were changed to Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh by the director but he kept in mind that the core of his courageous story retains. Special attention is given to the statistics to the inadequate percentage of who used pads in India and this statistics still pertains. This is the core issue on which the whole story of the movie is based. One of the important factors for which the movie needs to be watched is that how awkward women are made to feel even today while buying sanitary napkins from the store. This social drama makes the movie more fun-loving and watchable.

It is not at all easy to maintain a balance between entertainment, spreading awareness and sensitizing people about the matter in one go but Balki has done it very well. His semi-humorous and urban outlook on a predominantly rural issue but a lot have been conveyed in the scenes through unspoken words.

Akshay Kumar-the Superhero of the movie goes as far as warning a pink ladies underwear and a pad to prove a point. Radhika Apte portrays her part very beautifully. We can totally relate to her character who still face such social taboos. Sonam Kapoor lights up the screen in her own way with her candor. She presents herself in a way that her presence is felt in a significant role.

Padman movie story begins at a slow rate and drags on for sometime before picking up the pace. Akshay Kumar is playing the role of Lakshmikant Chauhan and Radhika Apte is playing the role of his wife, Gayatri. Lakshmikant shows his concern to his wife and urges her to ditch the cloth and opt for sanitary napkins. But she is reluctant to opt the disposable pads as they are expensive. She obsesses over a 'ladies problem' makes her cringe but he addresses the taboo topic in order to bring a change. The story is subjected to the religious and age-old beliefs of people, can a man be brave enough to get his point across.

The performances of the celebrities are likable and heartfelt. This film surely bridges the age and gender gap. It is surely an empowering movie that gives the wings to the women, despite the odds. It will free women of their inhibitors.

Padman release date was 9 February 2018. The movie has a decent opening and minted around 10 crore rupees. On the second day, the movie made a leap to 35 percent and collected the sum of Rs 13.50 crore. New release movie review is setting a record but the support from the other celebrities is really appreciable. Padman challenge is seen all over social media. Everyone has a different opinion what is coming out of this movie. The challenge is extended to commoners as well apart from the celebrities. Not only they are coming out with the boldness but with the creative ideas too to give a helping hand to this noble cause.