Skincare on a Holiday

Skincare on a Holiday

By Shanaya Maryam

Summer is around with scorching heat and harmful UV rays, in order to avoid its harsh effects we all go for travelling across places where we can escape from the harmful effects of sunlight but across India where ever we go we find some or the other effects of weather on our skin. Proper care of the skin should be taken while travelling through bus or train and also on a place we are staying like hill stations, beaches. If proper care of the skin is not done then we find tanning patches, pimples, dark spots due to harsh climatic conditions. So, in order to avoid these effects after enjoying our holiday we need to take certain steps which do not cause harm to our skin due to harmful sun rays and dust, pollution of the holiday destination.

?Proper hydration and cleansing of skin- Most of the holiday destinations or on a day outing we are exposed to dust, pollution and dirt, in order to avoid exposure we need to properly cleanse our skin and hydrate it with proper moisturiser according to the skin type. Daily cleansing of the skin is necessary. Use of gentle scrub is also recommended once a week.

?Use of Sunscreen- During this sunny days we need to use a higher amount of Spf to avoid damage due to harmful UV rays. Don’t forget to use sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

?Say no to heavy makeup- Heavy makeup is big no during holidays. Make your makeup routine as simple as possible. Don’t use foundation instead go for a tinted moisturiser. Heavy eye shadows are also big no instead use waterproof liner and mascara. Invest in waterproof makeup this holiday season.

?Choose clothes wisely- In a holiday, we can not wear clothes which are in darker shade and thick in texture instead we need to go for a lighter shade of the cloth and also cotton fabric clothes.

?Proper hair care- Our hair gets affected due to harmful weather conditions. Usage of high moisturising shampoo and conditioner is necessary and proper oiling of the hairs is required during night time.

?The healthy and right amount of food- Mostly during holidays we forget about diet and start to eat all kind of food which is special to that place which might become weight gain issue. Keep in mind that eat everything but in small portions which do not affect our body system.

?Don’t neglect sleep- On holiday, we tend to spend most of the daytime enjoying on the beach or mountaineering and nighttime discussing morning events forgetting to sleep. Don’t do this mistake because it not only cause dark circles but also leads to the improper balance of the internal body system.

?Keep a beauty bag- Your beauty bag should consist of moisturiser, lip balm, face wash, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, deodorant, compact powder, skin care wipes, and hand sanitizer.These beauty products are must-have products if you are going to a hill station or on a beach destination.