Sundarbans: A wild life adventure

Sundarbans: A wild life adventure

By Akash Ranjan

Through a stunning site of Sundarbans, one can have an amazing experience of the wildlife and nature. It is one of the most eye-catching places remaining on earth as the large mangrove forests of Sundarbans are interwoven by several tributaries. Go and visit Sundarbans in order to experience an adventure to the fullest which the place offers. Make the trip of enough time so that you can cover and see all the important sites.

Let me first tell you that what all should your to do list should involve:

1. Spot Royal Bengal Tigers.

2. Go and visit some famous islands- Nethidopani, Dobanki and Sajnekhali.

3. Take pleasure in fishing, boating in Sundarban National Park.

4. Enjoy and have an experience of seeing the beautiful view of the setting sun.

5. Go to a village for cultural performance.

6. Tour to Bali and Sundarban Village.

Sundarbans National Park

On the first day of your arrival in Kolkata in morning, you are taken to jetty at Sonakhali. This ride is of two and half hours which helps you in getting the view of rural landscapes of Bengal along with villages and colorful markets. Go to the launch of lovely river launch of MB Sundari. From here you will sail down several rivers like Gumdi, Gomor, Hogol and many more. Visitors can sit back relaxing while having a cup of tea and simultaneously guide will explain you the mystery behind Sundarbans.

You will find varieties of exotic birds and plants here. In some hours you will reach on the Bali Island which has the Sundarbans Jungle Camp. Visitors can stay at the cottage which is well-maintained. From here you can visit to Sajnekhali in order to see Mangrove Interpretation Center and Sudhyanakhal watchtower.

Go to Dobanki and also to Netidhopani to see an ancient excavation. From the top of the watchtower you can also spot some animals especially tigers. There is a possibility too of witnessing Estuarine Crocodiles and the Dolphins of Irrawady. Go to the village to see the performances by the local villagers based on the old popular myth.  Do not forget to have a view of the sunset. This is going to be your best experience of observing the nature.