The Best Perfume to Resurrect The Memories of Your Wedding

The Best Perfume to Resurrect The Memories of Your Wedding

By Deepa dasmajumdar

Nothing can best match the special day of your life rather than a scent since it helps you revive the memories of the wedding every time you wear it making you cynosure amongst the crowd. Fragrances are connected to the memories; hence you need to find the best fragrance to resurrect the old memories in just a single sniff. Of course, for any kind of wedding, floral scents make for the perfect choice. Apart from this, based on your personal choices, you can choose from the range of less flowery smells. Let us find out some of the best fragrances for the big day in your life.

Byredo Flowerhead


An exotic floral smell with a range of different notes like lemon, jasmine, angelica seeds, rose petals, tuberose, and suede.

Inspired by the theme of Indian wedding scenario where lots of flowers are used throughout the ceremony till the garland exchange between the bride and groom, Byredo Flowerhead offers an absolute bliss of floral fragrances. It creates the perfect magic for a wedding through its different notes, delivering rich beauty of an unexpected nose- tingling twist. Despite being a pricey item, the fragrance is worth your money and is perfect for the special day like a wedding.

Price: $145 to $220

Bottega Venetta


Wedding is the day that gives you an adrenaline rush. And Bottega Venetta is what that has been created to calm your nerves. As soft and smooth as velvet, this fragrance is perfect for your big day to alleviate tensions. Its different rich ingredients with notes like pink pepper, patchouli, and plum makes its favorite for all the soon-to- be grooms. Just have one spritz of the killer fragrance and we are sure that you will go completely head-over-heels. The fine blend of jasmine and patchouli help you correct your postures for the perfect wedding photographs.

Price: $115 for only 1.7 onces

Aerin Lilac Path


The fragrance of the scent creates the perfect mood for the garden themed wedding rather than any other scents. No matter whatever the mood is, Aerin Lilac Path suits every mood. The fragrance spins magic with its wide variety of notes like galbanum, lilac, angelica seed oil, and not to mention orange flower to add tanginess to the smell.

Price: $ 123.11

Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint


To create the perfect feel for a wedding, choose nothing else rather than fragrances from Jo Malone. Considering this, Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint makes for the perfect spring and summer time wedding fragrance. With notes like vanilla, mints for soothing cooling effects and jasmine for a creamy and sensuous feeling, this fragrance is a must buy for the hot weather wedding seasons. It offers a great effect of classic floral scents with a fresh twist of mint. Wear it and see how it helps you stay irresistible all day long.

Price: $60.79

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche


Wedding is something about heaviness starting from the heavy wedding attire to heavy make-up to heavy gourmet lists.

Generally, floral scents seem to be heavier. But to decrease your woes, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche gives you the perfect reason to go lighter with this collection of fragrance. With different notes like citrus, jasmine absolute, iris, patchouli, it gives a long lasting effect without being heavier on you. It is just refreshing and perfect to be called as a romantic scent. Use it especially for weddings in summers.

Price: $79.60

All five fragrances are great for their nice smells and aura. However, in terms of summer wedding fragrances, Jo Maline White and Mint could be the best buy for you and also in terms of money. Conversely, Byredo Flowerhead despite being the expensive one, it could be the must have fragrance for your wedding because of its wide variety of notes. Well, choose the one that suits your personality and your skin tone.