The Majestic Rajasthan

The Majestic Rajasthan

By Saoli

The princely Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of area. Located in the western part of the country, it mostly comprises of the Thar Desert, also called 'The Great Indian Desert'. It shares its border with the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh in the northwest and west, respectively. On the other side, it is bordered by other Indian states such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Some of the major crowd-pullers of Rajasthan are the Indus Valley Civilization, the Dilwara Temple and the only hill station, the magnificent Mount Abu in the Aravalli Mountain Range. Rajasthan is also known for its World Heritage Site, the ravishing Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur that offers shelter to a wide variety of birds. The famous tiger reserves, the Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve, are located in Rajasthan. Its largest city is Jaipur, which happens to be the capital of the state.

Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City. The city is dotted with stately palaces and havelis. The richness of those bygone days is noticeable in the local culture till date. There is plenty of scope for sightseeing within the city walls. Apart the tourist sites of interest, the local handcraft, music, art and culture, and dance draw equal attention. Tourists from across the globe flock here to indulge in the city's grandiosity.

What makes this place unique is its topology - it's a combination of desert, mountain range, rivers, etc. The region is also home to dry deciduous forest that features broadleaf trees such as Teak, Acacia or Babool, to be found in the exotic Kathiarbar- Gir dry deciduous forest eco region. The land is also known for its widespread national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

A Magnificent Experience

Rajasthan is famous for its fort and places, and wherever you venture in this state you are sure to see a plethora of them. However, there are some of them which are of high significance both in terms of tourist attraction and historical value –


  • Jaipur - The capital city tops the priority list of the places to visit in Rajasthan. One can consider visiting the imposing Amber Fort, which is a major attraction of the place.
  • Udaipur - Also known as the 'City of Lake' or the 'Venice of the East', Udaipur evokes an instant Rajputana feeling as you rake through the architecture and culture of the place. The Leela Palace Hotel is one of the finest hotels out here.
  • Jodhpur - The second largest city of Rajasthan, also called the 'Sun City', has a bright sunny weather all round the year. Being located in the center of Rajasthan map, it is one of the most important destinations from tourist point of view. The gorgeous Mehrangarh Fort is a top enchantment here.
  • Jaisalmer - Also known as the 'Golden City', the city is known for its age-old forts. The city thrives on tourism majorly. A visit to the Jaisalmer Fort will be worth it.
  • Bikaner - The city of baronial forts and lip-smacking foods, Bikaner is famous for its Jain temple.
  • The famous Pushkar mela is of high significance to the locals and attract tourists and devotees from all over India.
  • The Jal Mahal in Jaipur is no less mesmerizing, especially during night time. It is situated in the middle of a lake and offers a perfect visual treat.