Top 5 BBQ Restaurants That Attract Foodies in Chennai

Top 5 BBQ Restaurants That Attract Foodies in Chennai

By Ruchika Pahwa

Probably, a few foodies exist who may not love that smoky flavor induced in food by barbecuing it. People mostly cook barbecued food in an outside setting. However, you do not need to take the pain of gathering the required equipment and ingredients to do so. If you are in Chennai and a fan of barbecue, then simply check out top 5 BBQ restaurants that offer nothing but the best of barbecued food.

1. Barbecue Nation, T. Nagar/Vadapalani/Hanumantha Road

If you want to taste a little succulent and a little crispy barbecued chicken and veggies, then simply head towards a Barbecue Nation restaurant. You may enjoy a great evening with your friends or family and experience a divine aroma and flavor of their special kebabs and grilled dishes, served right at your BBQ table. All vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ dishes are prepared using a unique spice mix that appeals your tongue. While you choose Barbecue Nation for BBQ food, you may also find an unlimited variety of other types of food in their buffet. However, the best bet is their barbecued starters. With a wonderful ambience, Barbecue Nation also offers best-in-the-class service.

Cost of dining for two: Approx. Rs. 1,500

2. The Barbecue Grill, Velachery

With awesome service and value for money, you can have a decent barbecue party at this restaurant. In delightful surroundings, you can enjoy fine BBQ cuisine on a live grill at your table. You may also choose your own marinade and add your own touch to your dish. While the restaurant gives you an option to choose out of a prefixed menu, you may also go for a sumptuous buffet. BBQ dishes are especially amazing at this place.

Cost of dining for two: Approx. Rs. 1,600

3. Savoury Sea Shell, Anna Nagar

When you are looking for the best of BBQ, this is not a place to miss. This beautiful restaurant serves even more beautifully barbecued, Arabian-inspired food to you. As most people love the use of generous spices on their BBQ dishes, the place serves the same. Its interesting spice mix makes its BBQ chicken the choice of many foodies. The accompanying service adds to the niceness of this restaurant for diners.

Cost of dining for two: Approx. Rs. 800

4. Ali’s BBQ & Grill, Thyagaraya Road

This place can be visited best with your family, especially kids. With nice service, you also get value for money. When we talk about its barbecued dishes, you will simply fall for them. If you have their buffet, then there can be a variety of meats and vegetables to choose from.

Cost of dining for two: Approx. Rs. 1,000

5. Sunset Grill, Velachery

This restaurant at The Westin is simply superb in terms of its hospitality, atmosphere, and most importantly its barbecued food. Their appetizers have interesting flavors and taste. Their BBQ chicken and prawns are a must-try.

Cost of dining for two: Approx. Rs. 3,000