Top 5 Heart Healthy Food Items

Top 5 Heart Healthy Food Items

By Moupee

You are what you eat. If you eat junk foods, expect your body to underperform. If you want to stay on top, eat healthy, heart-friendly foods. Heart-healthy foods are tomatoes, whole grains, lentils, chicken, fish, nuts, sprouted beans and seeds. Tasty does not mean your food has to be fried, oily or full of spices. Once you adapt to the menu, you will find yourself more energetic and free of short and long term heart and health related issues.


Daal or lentils have plenty of protein, fiber and vitamin B and folates. Wheat has fiber, proteins that complement those found in dals and grains also have some iron and other minerals along with vitamins. Make baati using coarsely ground wheat flour, the same you use to make laddoos. Prepare dal using moong dal.


The best thing about daal baati is the minimal use of oil yet it is high on taste. You can add as much ghee as you like when you eat it.

Steamed fish

Fish is low on fats and high on protein. If you get sea fish then it also contains heart-helpful omega 3 acid. Instead of frying fish steam the fish and eat with salad made of tomatoes, paneer, a few walnuts, mint leaves, spinach, cucumber and onion


Chicken pulao-roast chicken

Chicken is a heart healthy non-vegetarian food that has more of protein and less of damaging fat. You can cook chicken in two ways. Make a simple chicken pulao with minimum oil. Chicken is usually boiled in the process along with rice and makes for a tasty, filling dish. You can also roast chicken in an oven.


Dry Vegetable curry

Curries do not have to be full of oil and gravy in order to be tasty. Select heart-friendly vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. Cut all vegetables into medium sized pieces and steam, do not boil them, until partly cooked. You may want to steam sweet potatoes and potatoes separately until fully cooked. Remove from heat and then add tadka. Heat oil in small pan, add mustard seeds, chopped ginger, garlic, green chillies and onions, red chilli powder, turmeric and hing. Your heart-healthy curry is ready. Eat with mint-coriander-garlic-green chilli chutney and dry chapattis to keep yourself fortified and your heart healthy.


Fruits and Nuts

Eating something sweet after meals gives a feeling of fullness. Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate. It is full of Flavonoids and it is heart friendly. You could just as well chop up bananas, pineapples and apples, add pomegranate seeds, sprinkle sesame seeds or chopped walnuts and enjoy a heart-healthy dessert.


If you are in a rush and do not have time for a full lunch then settle down with a large bowl of curds or drink a large glass of buttermilk. If you do not have time for breakfast, grab a handful of almonds and walnuts or just much on an apple or bananas. Forget burgers, samosas, kachoris and all that kind of stuff if you want to keep your heart beating strongly to a ripe old age.