Top 5 Restaurants in Delhi for Authentic South Indian Food

Top 5 Restaurants in Delhi for Authentic South Indian Food

By Ruchika Pahwa

Are you in Delhi and missing your favorite South Indian food? If you are fond of crispy dosas, melting-in-the-mouth uttapams, or silky soft idlis, then let us tell you that you can even taste the entire variety of authentic South Indian food in Delhi too. We tell you about the top 5 restaurants in Delhi that are famous for pure South Indian delights.

  1. Naivedyam, Hauz Khas


    Ranging from the restaurant's décor and light music to its seating and serving, everything offers an authentic South Indian feel. However, the best thing is its menu stuffed with authentic foods from the Udipi cuisine. While you are welcomed with a bowl of rasam on entering this restaurant, you can enjoy any of your favorite dishes in their best forms. The food is cooked and served with absolute purity. In fact, their divine food may make you feel guilty of not having experienced it before. Naivedyam is great for family dine-outs.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 400 for two

  2. Hotel Sarvana Bhawan, Connaught Place


    Although this place remains packed with foodies, it is for a good reason that is the restaurant's authentic South Indian delicacies. While they serve almost all South Indian delights, their South Indian thali is most popular. In a minimalistic setup, you can go for some amazing, freshly prepared food with special lime soda and unlimited sambhar and chutney offerings. Do not forget to try their bisi bele bath, appam, dosas, and mini idlis. It is a cost-effective bet for every foodie.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 400 for two

  3. Carnatic Café, New Friends Colony


    If you love home-style recipes from Karnataka, then this place serves you the best in Delhi. Although it is a small and simple restaurant, it offers some mesmerizing vadas, steamy hot idlis, yummy curd rice, mouthwatering akki rotis, and Malleswaram and Bombat dosas. With a décor of Karnataka-style puppets and cutouts, the place looks cool for a friendly meet.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 400 for two

  4. Sagar Ratna, Connaught Place


    This restaurant is an old-time favorite of many who love authentic South Indian food. With a comfortable ambience and fast service, you also get to enjoy the star cuisine from South India. The food truly fulfills your desires, and you always leave contended. Ranging from buttermilk to payasam, name anything and you get it at this pure vegetarian restaurant.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 450 for two

  5. Dakshin at Sheraton, Saket


    If you are interested in enjoying finger-licking, authentic South Indian food in a cozy setting, then visit Dakshin. You may not find a wide variety of South Indian dishes anywhere else. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items are delicious. Their spices are sourced directly from South India. With par-excellence service, Dakshin offers much more beyond dosas. Do try their fried sole fish, Andhra mutton, and deep-fried prawns.

    Cost of dining: Approx. Rs. 2,700 for two