Top Places in Delhi That Serve You Irresistible Pizzas

Top Places in Delhi That Serve You Irresistible Pizzas

By Ruchika

Who does not love crispy and crunchy pizzas that are tempting in looks and soft on palate? Whether pizzas are made in an authentic Italian style or baked with an Indian twist, they remain a favorite among foodies. If you are in Delhi and craving for melt-in-the-mouth pizzas, then we tell you the best of places where you can take a tasty bite. Check out.

Route 4, Connaught Place

This is a wonderful place to chill out with friends and share some mouthwatering pizzas. They serve you some of the best thin-crust pizzas. Enjoy these while watching a match or listening to classic rock music. You can try pizzas with interesting toppings and accompany with your favorite cocktail or other munchies. While it is a sports bar, the place is popular for its irresistible yet cost-effective pizzas.

Instapizza, Kalkaji

If you are really getting greedy and hungry for pizzas, then head toward Instapizza. You will only need to grab The Monster Deep Dish Pizza, and you are done. This big bite will fulfill all your expectations. You can choose the toppings you like and get your pizza loaded with them. Do not worry if you only want a small bite. The pizzeria also serves regular pizzas that can be loaded with unlimited toppings, without additional charges. You can try their garlic and green chili pizza, which is simply a delight.

Pizza Express, Vasant Kunj

Experience the taste of authentic Italian-style pizzas at Pizza Express. While you may find this pizzeria slightly expensive as compared to some others on our list, it is worth paying for their divine gourmet pizzas. Their range starts from Rs. 525, taxes excluded. While you can get delectable pizzas with classic toppings, you can also have toppings with an Indian twist. You can eat to your heart’s content, as their pizzas are bigger in size as compared to pizzas at any regular pizzeria. Enjoy their super-thin and super-crispy pizzas customized to your taste. If you like a meaty topping like Italian sausages, then do not forget to try their Calabrese pizza.

La Piazza, Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Kama Place

This award-winning restaurant at Hyatt Regency truly offers you a special dining experience when you want to feel delighted with your pizza and wine. You can delve into the aroma of traditional wood-fired Italian pizzas at this place. If you want a simple, heavenly, and rustic taste of pizzas, then just choose classic toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, goat’s cheese, roasted garlic, and pesto sauce. You can have pizzas starting from Rs. 810, taxes excluded.

Wimpy’s, Hauz Khas

If you are missing pizzas made by your mom, then this place will remind of the same taste through its home-style pizzas. Whether you go for the basics like onion, mushroom, and capsicum or for interesting choices of chicken and lamb, you can get a custom pizza in three sizes. Get nostalgic at Wimpy’s.