Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to India

Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to India

By Akash Rajan

India is not only for religious and cultural values and diversity but also for boozing, intoxication and much more than this. So, what is more important to the visitors to remember or to keep little-little things in mind? Especially the first time visitors need to be much more cautions as they are completely unaware about the facts that can happen.

1. Choose the perfect route

India is wide enough to occupy the massive space, so don’t think that you are going to occupy the entire places in your one visit. Think by yourself that which place interests you more than others and which one is your preference. You need to decide according to the time you have and tailor your trip accordingly. Decide which place interests you more whether you want to enjoy seeing north or south. Well, the internal flights are inexpensive in India so if you want to have a view of both the world, you can always plan to have a taste of both.

2. Slow Down

The first time visitors always think and cramp upon seeing every site. To enjoy the best out of your trip, don’t plan on visiting every place, just enjoy quality visit by going only to some places. Seeing one place can be more pleasing than seeing a bundle of places and not having enough time to praise them and getting to know them in detail. Stay for few days at a particular place will let you help in getting better understanding of that place and it can be less stressful.

3. Escape the crowd

India has a heavy population and thus most of the parts are crowded. The bustle can be fun sometimes but if there is a festival then you are surely going to enjoy it. But there are some relaxing spots and treats which you should definitely reach out to. Crowd can make it more hectic and more delayed to reach to your destination. Get the idea beforehand about the traffic on different routes available and which are the fast and the short one. Decide the best route which has a less crowd which can make your journey more happening, enjoying and memorable.