Trending Hairstyle For This Season

Trending Hairstyle For This Season

By Shanya Maryam

This holiday season tries out something new trending hairstyles to increase your friend list, fan following as well as for great selfies. Apart from this reasons just do it for yourself and get attention from everyone from your family, friends, and colleagues. As Indians, we all have super long, thick and long hairs. So, Instead of boring black and long hairs why not try out brilliant colored hairstyles inspired by celebrities and models

Today in this article I will be guiding you through different hairstyles suitable according to your face shape and which hair color to go for keeping in mind your face complexion. So, fellas get ready to grab attention and compliments with this simple yet stylish hairstyles.

Long hairs with colored bangs

If you are a long hairs lover then this hairstyle is best for you. Above hair color is suitable if you are fair to wheatish. This hairstyle is perfect for any face shape from oval to square. If you like coloring then do color lower bangs darker shade and upper bangs being colored with the lighter shade. This style can be done for evening parties.

Bun with front bangs

This hairstyle is perfect if you are the teenager and in your early twenties. So, if you are planning to go on a date with someone special or going for a prom night party then do try this hairstyle. This style is suitable for long face shape and round face shape people. Try this style with the beautiful dress which compliments you. These black colored hairs are ideal for all types of skin complexion

Latest Updos

This Updos are great for evening parties and also family events. This updo are ideal for women over 30 which makes them look classic beauty. The updo with front bangs is ideal for oval to diamond shaped woman. Updo with curls is ideal for square face shape. These updos look fantastic with gowns and dresses and it should be simply accessorized. This blonde hair color looks good if you have the fair complexion.

Short hairs with front bangs

If you want to transform your image from girl next door to super hot lady then this hairstyle is ideal for you. This super hot hairstyle totally transform your image. Go for this tomboy short hairs and make your hairs luscious and beautiful with this haircut and color.

Half upside fishtail braid

This type of fishtail braid is trending during this hot summer which makes you look dead gorgeous. You can opt this hairstyle for the day outing or for college parties and get together. Pair this hairstyle with traditional shalwar kameez, and also Pakistani kurta.

So, ladies don’t get irritated when you can’t decide which hairstyle to go with which type of clothing just follow the above mention hairstyles and updos and get the attention grasping look. After all beauty of the woman is through her hairs.