Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review - Design, Performance, Camera and Display

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review - Design, Performance, Camera and Display

By Aslam

As the name suggests, the Mi 8 Pro is an upgraded version of Mi 8, the phone separates itself from the group with a unique design, a Snapdragon 845 processor, a double 12-megapixel camera and an in-display unique fingerprint sensor. 

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Design 
The Mi 8 Pro comes covered in Gorilla Glass 5 with aluminium filling, comparable to any top end handset. The back glass of Mi 8 Pro is easy to hold in one hand, with less slipperiness and but with smudges on Gorilla glass. 

The Mi8 Pro truly separates itself when you turn over the phone. The back is a transparent one, "titanium smoked" as the company calls it. Except for battery, the transparent elements are not real but it is not an issue as we get the truly amazing and refreshing experience. 
The red touch on the camera, power button and USB-C also add to the premium and intriguing finish of Mi 8 Pro. 

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Display
The display of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro does not disappoint a bit. The screen is surrounded by bezels but 6.21-inch AMOLED display overshadows it. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is a Full HD+ resolution display protected by 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5. 

The display of Mi 8 pro is splendid and beautiful with solid and popping viewing experience. You can also adjust settings such as Night Mode, Reading Mode and general colour tone. 

The on-screen fingerprint sensor of Mi 8 Pro is not much of a delight, which fails to work if hands are wet or cold. Also, it is quite frustrating to detect the fingerprint spot during Banking applications. 

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Performance 
The real Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, liberated by 8GB + 128GB of (non-expandable) capacity, works fast in everyday usage. Mi 8 Pro feels smart and executes things rapidly during multitasking. However, the Mi 8 Pro has some issue underneath which can be observed during gaming, when frame drop occurs frequently until you leave the application. Seems like, the hardware is not optimized with software completely. 

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Software 
Xiaomi's custom skin MIUI offers an abundance of customisations and commands, but takes away the elegance of stock android. Xiaomi put some cool customization like animation during closing popular apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Camera Performance
The Mi 8 Pro has got a 12-megapixel dual back camera with integrated AI and pixel-binning feature that reasonably enhances the images taken in low-light conditions. 

Colours and details in each pic are rich, even in low light conditions when the phone maintains the graininess and white shades. The camera of Mi 8 Pro is set to HDR by default which does it work perfectly in light and details capturing.
The selfies also look good on Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and you also get lots of touch up features to play with your selfies.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Battery Life 
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro can support Quick Charge 4+ due to its high power 845 chip but is not included in it yet. The battery is just ok for going through day to day errands.

Whether to Buy Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro or Not? 
The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro packs a good punch of design and power and with a small patch up for its software optimization, if Xiaomi cares for it, the phone will surely turn into a melodious experience. The camera of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro quite good at this price range but battery life is disappointing. However, the back design also gives the phone a separation from the heap of 2018 and can be looked at for future.