You Cannot Miss the Oomph of Chinese Noodles at These Restaurants in Bengaluru

You Cannot Miss the Oomph of Chinese Noodles at These Restaurants in Bengaluru

By Ruchika

Chinese cuisine is quite versatile and refreshing. It is not only children who love noodle soup or eat noodles cooked in different styles, but also adults who find Chinese noodles mouthwatering simply at its sight. If you are one such foodie who is a fan of Chinese noodles, then we can sort out your cravings for this delicious dish. Whether you are in Bengaluru or visiting the city, Chinese noodles at these places is a not-to-be-missed delight.

Republic of Noodles, Lemon Tree Premier, Ulsoor Lake

At times when you want to ditch a neighborhood Chinese food joint, the best place to visit is Republic of Noodles. This pan-Asian award-winning restaurant serves you nothing but the most delectable Chinese noodles in an authentic style. Their specialty is MHAD noodles that are spicy and crispy to taste. You receive a perfect blend of deep-fried and pan-fried noodles. The ambience and service at this place adds to your delight. If you want the best of food quality, then never skip a visit to this Bengaluru place for your favorite dish. However, it can be a lavish lunch or dinner, costing around Rs. 1,800 for two.

Hunan, New BEL Road

Although this restaurant can cost you somewhat similar to Republic of Noodles, you must visit them when you are in a generous mood and wish to taste awesome Chinese noodles. While their Hakka noodles may not taste the same as you eat at any Chinese joint, these are special in flavor and taste. You will love them with a variety of other Chinese delicacies that are customized at this place. The restaurant has a beautiful and spacious setting that features comfortable seating and bright lights.

Bangalore Mandarin, Indiranagar

This is a pretty-looking restaurant that is lit up with beautiful lanterns. While the ambience at this place is appealing, so is the taste of its dishes. You can definitely visit for their yummy mixed noodles. However, vegetarians may find it slightly difficult to explore more at this restaurant, where prawns, pork and chicken rule. It can actually be a heaven for non-vegetarian foodies. A meal for two at this restaurant may cost you around Rs. 1,600.

Memories of China, Vivanta by Taj, MG Road

If you are really looking forward to experience the oomph of noodles, as well as other authentic Chinese dishes, then afford a meal at this grand restaurant. While it may cost you around Rs. 3,500 for dining by two people, you will keep the experience treasured. It is divine to have their Chinese noodles. If you are very hungry, then your best pick can be Chinese steamed hotpots, all served with noodles.

Kim Ling, Banaswadi

When you are not much concerned about greasy food, you may go to this traditional-style restaurant for tasty Chinese noodles. At around 1,200 for two, you can have a sumptuous meal. Do not forget to taste their delicious chicken noodles.