Youthful Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look Younger

Youthful Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look Younger

By Shanaya

If your mirror says that you aren't young anymore. If the changes that you noticed in your skin left you in anguish. Then relax and leave your stress behind and have a look at these tips which will make you look younger and pretty.


Grab the younger look with these simple tips this season.

Products you require:

MOISTURIZER - Never ever forget to moisturize your skin before applying your makeup. The moisturizer helps your skin to look smooth and young.


CONCEALER: A liquid concealer works best to hide your blemishes and dark circles.

YELLOWISH FOUNDATION: You choose a foundation based on your skin color but this yellowish foundation works best and adds the glow to your face to make you look younger.

POWDER: Avoid using powder if you can because it will help you look unnatural and it also highlights the fine lines and age spots.

HIGHLIGHTER: Highlight your cheekbones and flatter everyone with your younger look. Try using highlighter which is in liquid because it adds glamor to the face.

LIPSTICK: switch to nude lips if possible because nude lips make your lips appear fuller and shinier.

If you cannot go without it then choose a light colored lipstick.


MASCARA: You need to use mascara on your eyelashes to make them look lengthier and curlier. It is necessary because as we age our eyes lashes get straight

EYESHADOWS: light colored and glowing eye shadows works best to make you look younger.

EYELINER: Get a dark-colored eyeliner and make your eyes look killer.


Things you need to remember:

Choosing a few bright tones for your makeup can bring a change on your skin and make it look younger.

Never ever put on foundation without moisturizer, If you want to hide your wrinkles then moisturize.

Do not use powder often, Powders settle into your wrinkles and highlight them and make you look older. Well, there is an exception if you have an oily skin.

Dab a bit of Vaseline or shiny lip gloss on the middle of your lower lip.

Line your lashes. On the flip side, add a touch of youth with the black liner that will enhance your lashes.

Never choose dark eye shadows it will dull you down. Choose bright and glowing colors which will give you a fresh look.

Use a dark eyeliner which will make your eyes looks bigger and better.

Sometimes you may do everything perfectly well but still the look that you desired isn't achieved.

Well, that's because you may have made some mistakes.

So, these are the Don'ts that you need not forget:

-Don't Wear a foundation that does not match your skin color.

-Avoid Choosing a lipstick that is too dark.

-Don't just line the bottom of your eyes with the liner?

-Never Apply the wrong shade of blush too low on your face.

Switch on to these tips and get the younger look within no time.

Surprise everyone with your younger and pleasant look.